Pump Track Inverness, Scotland

Inverness, the pumptrack in the scottish hills

The Highlands of Scotland are known to for its mountains, but in autumn 2016, the Velosolutions crew set out to build something a lot smoother in the Highland city of Inverness, a pumptrack.

300 meter and 200 tonnes

Built just a stones throw from the River Ness, the 300 metre asphalt pumptrack features a total of 12 berms and more transfer lines than you could imagine! There is also a kids’ track and beginner loop. 200 tonnes of the Velosolutions custom asphalt are giving an amazingly fast surface, with loads of grip yet so smooth that skateboards can use it too.

Pumptrack Velosolutions Inverness
Kids riding the Pumptrack in the scottish City Inverness


Photos on flickr!