Pump Track New York City, USA

New York City Pump Track – If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere

Velosoltutions Pumptrack New York City, USA
Pump track in New York City / photo: Sven Martin

The first north american Velosolutions Asphalt Pump Track is located in New York City. Just at the waterfront it offers a impressive view on the Manhatten Skyline and together with the artwork of the artist Jon Burgerman definitely is one of the most spectacular constructions ever.

Velosolutions Pumptrack New York City
Pump track in Williamsburg New York City / photo: Sven Martin
Location in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York City


From above / photo: Sven Martin
Construction site in Williamsburg, New York City / photo: Sven Martin


Pump Track with Williamsburg bridge

With this project, Velosolutions officially announced its USA-partner based in Florida.

We wish Brooklyn and New York City a lot of fun with the first Velosolutions Pump Track and want to thank all the people involved in this unforgettable experience! Ride on!

Adrien Loron skating in New York City / photo: Sven Martin

More photos can be found here. Photos by Peter Rauch.