Pump Track Leipzig-Seehausen, Germany

Pump Track Leipzig-Seehausen

Pump Track Leipzig-Seehausen – Almost 500m2 that thrill you for more. And that is exactly what the the goal for Velosolutions was. The track with an especially optimized surface layer for mountain bikes was designed to pave the way for a bigger asphalt pump track.

First step toward a bike-friendly image of the city

For the city of Leipzig this pump track with a combination of waves and berms is the first step forward to positioning itself as bike friendly city. Even though the pump track is situated in the outer skirts of the city, since the opening it became an absolute crowd puller. Small but versatile the Velosolutions Pumptrack Leipzig-Seehausen proves that the right facility can make a word of difference.

Pumptrack Leipzig-Seehausen in Deutschland erbaut von Velosolutions
Pump Track built by Velosolutions
Kind auf Velosolutions Pumptrack in Leipzig-Seehausen
Kid on the Velosolutions Pumptrack in Leipzig-Seehausen
Pumptrack in Leipzig-Seehausen
Mädchen fährt auf dem Pumptrack in Leipzig-Seehausen
Girl riding on the Pump Track