Pump Track Aranyaprathet, Thailand

The pump track in Aranyaprathet, Thailand is Velosolutions first pump track in Asia.

With a size of 2800 square meter and more than 400 meter track length also one the biggest tarmac pump tracks Velosolutions built so far.

The immense size of the property allowed us to plan a consequent design and to build it without any compromise. On the draft table we planned an almost perfect 6-gon construct, which is splitted by a type of cloverleaf design. Right after construction the remaining area was greened with turf, this causes a more regular, more dense and faster growing. The pump track looks neat again after a few days. It also protects the remaining spots from erosion through heavy rain.

Velosolutions Pump Track Aranyaprathet, Thailand from Claudio Caluori on Vimeo.

Furthermore the pump track is equipped with artificial lightning, so he can be ridden also at night, when the temperatures are more comfortable.

Pumptrack in Thailand

The first tarmac pump track in Asia

Our pump track in Aranyaprathet is the one and only within far distance. The so far almost unknown concept of this playground for mountain bikers attracted also a huge interest in Thailand and stir the blood of the kids and mountainbike enthusiasts.
Explanations how a pump track works haven’t been necessary. Especially the kids realized really quick how to use a pumptrack without pedaling.

Pumptrack with thai BMX crew

Also in Thailand, the advantages of using tarmac are shown impressivly. It allows to ride the track with every bicycle or skateboards, kickboards, inline skates etc. It’s easier for kids and beginners to start with riding pump tracks because the grip is way better and no loose parts like stones or slippery dust is on the track. The rolling friction is also way lower than on normal soil, riding pump tracks is therefore easier, because you get a certain basic speed easier, which you ned to ride a pump track properly.

Claudio Caluori rides his pump track in Thailand


For our first Asian pump track the media interest was overwhelming. Almost every big mountain bike online journal reported about it. Also for the Velosolutions Crew it was kind of an adventure. The impressive genesis and the imposing moments with the local inhabitants can be read on the press articles below:

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