BMX and Pump Track Grenchen, Switzerland

BMX-course and pumptrack at the Velodrome Suisse in Grenchen

Grenchen is home to a full asphalt BMX training track with a olypmic sized start tower and an asphalt pumptrack.

Combined Infrastructure

The infrastructures offers a full asphalt BMX training track with a starting gate meeting olympia standards. The pumptracks includes jumps for beginners as well as a training area for sprint. The entire facility covers a surface of 8000m2.

Complex drainage system

One of the biggest challenge was not the actual construction of the tracks, but the drainage of the whole area. The ground in the area is 100% clay that does not drain any water, which means that a full drainage system had to be layed out to the next creek.

Pumptrack in Grenchen
Adrien Loron on the pumptrack in Grenchen

500tons of asphalt

More than 5000m³ of gravel and 500 tons of asphalt were shaped up within 8 weeks to become one of the biggest tracks of its kind. We started the work with only 2 workers on site, and had 16 people on site when the asphalt was brought in. Since there was no access for trucks to drive the start tower to its place, it was flown in by a Super Puma helicopter.

Pumptrack and BMX-training course in Grenchen
Pumptrack in Grenchen Switzerland

The BMX track has two starts. One for beginners and kids, one for the pros who are training for the world cup. Only the 8m tall start ramp is restricted to the national team, all the rest is open to public. The training track is made for 4 racers only, in order to safe some space for the pump track. It was impossible to keep the kids away from the track until the inauguration. As soon as the asphalt was layed out, the kids were on it and loving it.

BMX training course and Pumptrack in Grenchen from above

Velosolutions wants to thank Swiss Cycling, Velodrome Suisse and all the amazing people in Grenchen, who made our work a lot easier with their help!