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From Pump Tracks to Bike Parks, Velosolutions delivers it all

Velosolutions is a global leader in pump track and trail building, offering customized solutions for all your cycling needs. From pump tracks to dedicated bike parks, from concept through to creation, Velosolutions is equipped to deliver industry leading design and construction around the globe.

Velosolutions is dedicated to making cycling as accessible as possible and have forged unique design techniques that appeal to the novice rider equally as much as the professional.

What Velosolutions stands for:

  • Over a decade of experience in the design and construction of pump tracks
  • Exclusive asphalt technique
  • The most sustainable solution on the market

Our services:

Pump tracks – A sport focused playground

Pump tracks

Promoting a healthy and active lifestyle could not be more important to us at Velosolutions. Our asphalt pump tracks have been designed to be as accessible as possible and to encourage all generations to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle.
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Pump tracks provide the ideal access to cycling from toddlers through to professional cyclists. All our tracks are designed to encourage community spirit, learning and promote an active outdoor lifestyle for all. Velosolutions pump tracks are a hive of community spirit and a destination for all to enjoy themselves.

» Velosolutions designs and creates tailored pump tracks to meet your exact requirements.

» Velosolutions offers Modular Pumptracks & Skills Obstacles for rent or sale.

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Bike parks & trails – A growing tourism industry

Bike parks and trails

Mountain bike and cycle tourism are arguably the largest growing tourism sectors globally. From the mountains to the city, more people than ever are looking to escape on their bikes and explore the world. Bike parks and dedicated trails provide the opportunity to become a cycling destination and Velosolutions are equipped with the tools and experience to design and build dedicated solutions for your region.

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Racing – Supporting the best talent in the world

Velosolutions Racing Team

Velosolutions pump tracks, trails, and bike parks are suitable for beginners all the way up to professional athletes. As a part of our commitment to promoting the sports we love, we are proud to be a title partner of the SCOTT-Velosolutions international downhill mountain bike team. Our athletes act as aspirational role models for the future generation of cyclists. Our athletes started out as young kids riding their bikes with friends. Velosolutions pump tracks and bike parks give communities around the world the same opportunity and through our team, we help to showcase this to the world.

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Consulting & Marketing – dedicated solutions from concept through to creation

Over the last 2 decades, Velosolutions has established a global network and unrivaled knowledge of the cycling industry. We are equipped with the resources to deliver best in class consultancy and marketing. From events to video production, press communications and brand partnerships, Velosolutions services extend beyond the building and construction process. We offer fully integrated consultancy and marketing services that meet your needs.

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Velosolutions has been building asphalt pump tracks worldwide ever since. Seeing the effect of those projects in third world countries has inspired Velosolutions to set up #pumpforpeace.

Pumptrack passion across the globe

#pumpforpeace is the combined effort of riders and musicians to give back to society, it’s Velosolutions’ way of sharing its passion for pump tracks and music,  supports music initiatives for the underprivileged across the world and acts regardless of ethnical background, political or religious orientation, gender or age.

It’s a co-operation with like-minded artists to arrange benefit concerts to ultimately raise money for pump tracks and music initiatives.

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