Pump Tracks, Bike Parks, Trails, Consulting & Marketing

From Pump Tracks to Bike Parks, from Conception to Marketing

Velosolutions offers customized solutions for all biking concerns. From pump tracks to trails through to bike parks, from coneption through to marketing for bike infrastructures, we promote biking at every level. From Bali to Thailand via Zurich to New York City.

Bike infrastructures are a huge success all over the world and enthuse from the young to the told, from beginners to pro athletes. First, because sporting activity gets more and more important and serves as compensation to everydays life, on the other hand, unconventional sports, outdoor lifestyle and social exchange are in more demand than ever.

Biking combines all of it and makes physical exercise beeing fun. Furthermore it supports coordination, condition but also social contacts between the different generations and all population groups.

Bike parks & trails – The new currency in tourism

The mountain bike tourism is one of the most increasing markets of tourism in alpine areas. Therefore mountain biking is a important segment, which especially, concerning the more and more unsteady winters and climate change need to be adapted, developed and improved. Find more informations on Velosolutions bike parks & trails.

Pumptracks – Playgrounds for sport activity

These days physical movement is extremely important for kids and  professionals having an office job. From class rooms or offices, they often go straight home to spend time in front of televisions, laptops, or smart phones. Usually, because of a lack of activities promoting exercise in a informally way.

Pump tracks provide the ideal access to biking, that can be useed from toddlers to seniors. Find out more on Velosolutions pump tracks here or on our Social Media Channels Facebook and Instagram.

Racing – Pro athletes with role model function

Velosolutions infrastructures are suitable for beginners as well as for pro athletes. They utilize them to practice and help us to optimize our infrastructures continually.

That’s why we support 3 international top athletes, who not only serve as role modelon our constructions, but also are models for bike sport all over the planet. Find out more about the racing team & Gstaad-Scott.

Consulting & Marketing – Individual all-round packages

Overd the last 2 decades Velosolutions has established a huge network & knowledge in the biking sector and use it to responde on our customers desires & requests. In close collaborations we develop customized solutions to use already existing strength of a destination and make them valuable.

Our range of services extends from conception of infrastructures through to developments of holistic mountain bike strategies for destinations & regions. Find all services here.