Pump Track Neunkirchen, Austria

First ever Velosolutions Pump Track in Austria

The Velosolutions Asphalt Pump Track in Neunkirchen is the first ever built in Austria.
With 1000m2 it is not only point of attraction and meeting point for young people from the surrounding area, but also training spot for the austrian BMX Racing National Team or Ice Cross Skaters and Snowboard Crossers. 

Pump Track exitment

The project gets everyone exciting, from kids to the lord mayor of the city:
„Seeing the enthusiasm of our youth practising and enjoying sports, I’m really happy with it and I think we took the right decision for Neunkirchen and the young people of Neunkirchen.“, Herbert Osterbauer claims.
In the sense oft he austrian national anthem, „Land of mountains, land of rivers, land of meadows, land of cathedrals, land of hammers, promising!“, the future for more pump tracks in Austria is indeed promising.

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Pumptrack Velosolutions
Pumptrack in Neunkirchen, Austria.
Pumptrack Velosolutions
1st Pumptrack in Austria
Pumptrack Velosolutions
Pumptrack for young & old
Pumptrack Velosolutions
Asphalt Pumptrack in Neunkirchen