Benefits of a Pump Track

10 Reasons for a Pump Track

1 One of the most popular sports

Cycling is one of the most popular sports. Many countries have a well-developed cycling path network, but are missing places where adults and children can practice their riding skills in a safe environment.

2 Create town’s/region’s attraction

Not only low taxes are attractive to residents and potential newcomers. A modern infrastructure increases the attractiveness of your town. A pump track will stand out from conventional sports facilities in other areas.

3 The fun of exercise

Riding pump tracks gets you in shape because you train skills and fitness in a fun way. Pump tracks are a good tool to promote physical activity in your town.

4 Preserve your ressources

Pump tracks can be built in areas as small as 250m2 or in previously unused areas. Compared to other sports facilities, building a pump track is extremely economical and easy on your budget.

5 Multifunctional

Asphalt or concrete pump tracks can be ridden with any kind of sport equipment – bikes, skateboards, in-line skates, scooters,…

6 Pump Tracks are for everyone

From beginners to professionals, kids to adults, women and men – pump tracks are suitable for everyone. You can ride a pump track with regular mountain bikes and kid’s bikes. The only other piece of equipment one needs is a helmet.You can even integrate a pump track as part of your school’s sports lessons.

7 Meeting point

Pump tracks are stomping grounds for the whole community. During breaks, there will be time to share ideas and linger in the neat and artistic ambiance of the park.

8 Shhhhh…

Riding pump track is silent and therefore pleasant for the residents. A pump track is perceived as a playground for young and old.

9 Pump Tracks are save

The Swiss department for accident prevention classified pump tracks as “blue” (easy & safe). Therefore, pump tracks can be integrated in existing insurance policies for kid’s playgrounds.

10 Made by locals

Velosolutions works together with local construction companies and suppliers.