Pump Track Manila, Philippines

Pump track for “The Bike Playground” in the Philippines

“The Bike Playground in Manila is home to the first asphalt pump track of its kind in the Philippines. The Pump track is combined with outdoor trail riding and a kids outdoor track.

More than 500 visitors in the opening week

Combining different infrastructures at the venue and being open from 7pm to 8pm in the evening it was clear that “The BIke Playground” would attrack a lot of people. More than 500 visitors came by only in the opening week to ride the new attraction.

What is in offer at The Bike Playground?

The Bike Playground offers the first asphalt pump track in the country & the first one where riders can create their own lines. It also has an outdoor trail and a kids outdoor track where lessons and coachings are offered for all levels and age. The pump track is housed in a 36x21m warehouse, so that it can be ridden even during the rainy season.

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