Pump Track Kerobokan, Indonesia

Pump track in Kerobokan – biking and skating on the island of gods, Bali.

The paradisically situated pump track in Kerobokan gets the local mountain bike scene and the skate community equally thrilled.

The Velosolutions aspahlt pumptrack encircles a Skate Bowl, which is a similar construction to a pool. It was reconstructed following the american construction way with smooth walls and rounded angles.

The Bowl is one of the most original disciplines in Skateboarding and has established already in the early Sixties.

Combined with the smooth waves of the pump track the artistic construction becomes a magnet for Action Sport par exellence and overshades all pools on the island and sometimes even the waves of the paradise for surfers.

Velosolutions Asphalt Pumptrack, Kerobokan
Pump track in Kerobokan, Bali
Velosolutions Asphalt Pumptrack
Pump track in Kerobokan
Velosolutions Asphalt Pumptrack Indonesia
Skater on the pump track in Kerobokan