Pump Track Jenaz, Switzerland

Pump Track Jenaz – small but beautiful

In 2010, Velosolutions built a small but beautiful pump track right next to Jenaz’ elementary school.

Jenaz from Claudio Caluori on Vimeo.

Various combination

It consists of various combination possibilities and therefore never gets old. The outer most loop have similar features like a BMX track which allows you to do jumps. The inner loops contain all elements of a classic pump track such as rollers and banked turns. The track offers elements for beginners as well as expert riders!

Kids on the pumptrack in Jenaz, Switzerland

The pump track in Jenaz still served as a prototype for a lot of pump tracks that were built afterwards as Velosolutions used concrete as its main material for the first time. It proved to be extremely successful as concrete has become one of the main components when building a pump track.

Concrete Pump Track in Jenaz Switzerland