Pump Track Cēsis, Latvia

Pump Track Cēsis – Latvian City proves being way more than just ancient

Cēsis is a charming Latvian city fusing together medieval history and modern lifestyle trends. When it comes to sport, it’s anything but ancient – and the new «Pump Track Cēsis» in the historical park proves it very well.

Mixing history with cycling trends

May park was created in the 19th century and it’s truly breathtaking thanks to romantic castle ruins, fountains and impressive sculptures. As an addition to all the historical Cēsis has decided to build skate park and pump track which is a truly unique destination for all the active lifestyle fans out there.

1400m2 Pump Track

Cēsis pump track is 1400 m² big and crowded 24/7 as locals and city visitors really enjoy it.

“Children, families, amateurs and pro riders – everybody loves our new bike park! Cēsis city now has a multifunctional cycling infrastructure and we are happy to promote healthy and active lifestyle even more”, Janis Rozenbergs, mayor of Cēsis city.

Pump Track Cesis in Latvia by Velosolutions
Pump Track Cēsis in Latvia by Velosolutions

Pump Track Cesis in Latvia built by Velosolutions