Pump Track & Bike Park Daugavpils, Latvia

The city in Latvia which was brave enough to sign up for the first pump track ever made in the country and created a entire Bike Park. They decided to build it in the very middle of the city center, accompanied with other active lifestyle opportunities like skills track, kids zone and skate park.

What the Bike Park Daugavpils has to offer?

The bike park is 9000 m² big and it consists of four parts – pump track, skills park, kids zone and skate park to increase your energy. City locals and bike enthusiasts from all Latvia were thrilled about this Daugavpils project so the buzz before the opening and afterwards was huge.

The Bike Park Daugavpils engoucrages all generations

To create the first asphalt pump track in Latvia which is 1200 m² big, the Velosolutions team had to deal with different weather conditions but the result is really satisfying.

“You were right – the bike park really does encourage all generations to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle! Building it in the very center of Daugavpils was a bold move which really paid back. It’s crowded daily!”, Vadims Semonenko, Daugavpils development team

Daugavpils Bike Park in Latvia
Pump Track in Daugavpils
Skills Obstacle at Daugavpils Bike Park in Latvia
Skills Obstacle at Bike Park Daugavpils  in Latvia
Kid on the Pump Track in Daugavpils
Kid on the Pump Track in Daugavpils
Girl skateing the pump track at the Daugavpils Bike Park
Girl skateing the pump track at the Bike Park Daugavpils
Skills Obstacles at the Bike Bark in Daugavpils
Skills Obstacles in Daugavpils

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