Pump Park Sils, Switzerland

Pump Park in Sils, Switzerland

Sils offer the worlds first Pump Park, created by Velosolutions. On approx. 1000 square meters the pumptrack offers 360° of line choices.

Variety and Fantasy

A pump park allows us, also on quite small properties, to build an track with a a huge variety and every inch of your property can be used for riding bikes. Eventhough there’s an obvious line choice, the user of the facility is only limited by its fantasy by creating new lines through the whole pump park.

Pumptrack in Sils out of asphalt

The pump park in Sils is part of the schoolyard. The community of Sils has now one of the most modern and most attractive playground a schools ever had and school kids around the world envy the kids of the little village Sils. Sils choose to build a pump park instead of pump track also because there’s no green spot involved anymore and they have now almost zero maintenance costs.

Pumptrack in Sils, Switzerland

What’s the idea behind a pump park?

By developping tarmac pump tracks Velosolutions already opened unforeseen possibilities. It has been the first time that pump tracks could be ridden with kickboards, skateboards, inline skates, normal bicycles or just pretty much everything that can roll.

Adrien Loron skating the pumptrack in Sils

With the new developped pump park we want to take a step forward. It’s the next level in the evolution of pump tracks. A track turns into a park. A park which doesn’t limits you in your personal line choice. But pump park is way more than just a totally covered pump track. To enable the usuability in every possible direction Velosolutions created some never seen elements in pump track building, like a pump hill and a 360° pump wave.

Pumptrack waves

Claudio Caluori about the brand new pump park

«It has been a dream for a long time, and the town of Sils i.D. in Switzerland made it come true: right in front of the town’s school, we were able to build the first Velosolutions Pump Park. The difference to a normal pump track is that the users are not restricted to a track anymore, as they are free to choose their line anytime and anywhere. Built with our signature asphalt, it allows incredible speeds and crazy jump combinations.»

Claudio Caluori on the pumptrack in Sils