Metabolon Bikepark, Germany

In 2013, Velosolutions was asked to help transform one of Europe’s most renown recycling centers into the leading environmental competence center.

:metabolon bikepark // pumptrack from Schwalbe Tires on Vimeo.

One part of the reconstruction was to become a popular local recreation area with an integrated bike park. Two local companies (Bergischer Abfall Verband & Schwalbe) contracted Velosolutions to plan and build the :metabolon bike park.


At this point, the bike park consists of a pump track and a mountain bike circuit. In 2014, it is planned to extend the current bike park with an additional downhill track.


The current pump track is about 250m long and it was the first pump track in Germany, which has an asphalt top layer. This special kind of finish allows to ride the track at all times in all weather conditions and only needs minimal to none maintenance.


The planned mountain bike circuit will be close to 4 kilometers long and will stretch all around the facility. While the first part of the trail takes you on the newly re-cultivated side of the hill, the backside will show interesting insights into the daily work of the company.