Pump Tracks

Pump Tracks are a huge worldwide success

Pump Tracks are the perfect playground for kids and pro’s on wheels. The demand and their success can be easily explained: kids and teenagers love the unconditional way of being sportive on them, amateurs find their ideal place to practice and pro athletes use pump tracks for training purposes.

Promote healthy activities

Be innovative and promote healthy activities among your citizens by providing one of these facilities in your town. Pump tracks promote physical fitness and coordination, as well as social contacts among different age groups and members of your community.

Most importantly: They are incredibly fun!

We get motivated by the fun bikers have

The intense use of our infrastructures all over the world show that such parks are very reasonable investments. The success of these projects and the joy of its users motivate us even more to plan and build the ideal pump track for your town.

Safety first

A broad audience uses Velosolutions pump tracks. Young kids, beginners and even professional mountain bikers enjoy this exciting playground. However, beginners and children are often not able to estimate dangers and even though falling is not excludable, we can reduce the risks by building sensible and safe tracks. Round edges and gentle embankments avoid tall drops and nasty crashes.

Flexibility is our strength

If you are interested in a pump track, you have a number of choices available. The track design, the material and the level of difficulty are planned individually according to your needs and each track is always integrated into the existing environment. They can be implemented as part of playgrounds and recreational facilities or to enhance residential districts and private gardens. We are happy to advise you in detail to find the right solution for your town.

Examples for aspahlt pump tracks:

Pumptrack New York City
Pumptrack Bike Park Zürich
Pumptrack Aranyaprathet, Thailand

Modular pump tracks:

For mobile and temporary solutions we offer modular pump tracks.
Contact us for more information!

Modular pumptrack Velosolutions
Modular pumptrack for events or temporary installations