Modular Pump Tracks & Skills Obstacles

You want to promote the fun of sport at an event or evaluate the needs of constructed infrastructures?
A mobile pump track might be your solution!

Advantages of our mobile pump tracks and obstacles

  • Quality products “created in Germany”
  • Easy to use in- and outdoors
  • Ideal for mobile and temporary use
  • Various difficulty levels
  • Endless combination possibilities
  • Perfectly adapted for riding-skills courses
  • Suitable for children thanks to low fall heights
  • Customizable on demand

Rent or buy Modular pump tracks or skills obstacles

For temporary installations or events, Velosolutions offers Modular pump tracks & skills obstacles for rent or sale. Both can be used flexible and individually on all kind of terrains. 

Interested in buying or renting a mobile pump track? Contact us, we’re looking forward to finding the right solution for you.

Phone: +41 81 911 12 12

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Discover our skills obstacles in use:

Rent Modular pump tracks for your event:

Photo credit: Bike Days Schweiz

Sample mobile bike obstacles

The advantages of skills obstacles from Velosolutions are not only their mobility and affordability, but also their individuality. It doesn’t matter which target group or use you have in mind the design of these obstacles make the options almost limitless. It is easy to simulate situations from bike sports in a low-risk environment. The elements are also very useful when it comes to improving riding technique and dexterity.

Here are some sample bike obstacles of the different types „Classic“, „Curves“ and „Balance“.



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