Marketing and Consultancy

Marketing & Consultancy – Dedicated solutions from concept through to creation

Over the last 2 decades Velosolutions has established a global network and unrivalled knowledge of the cycling industry. We are equipped with the resources to deliver best in class consultancy and marketing. From events to video production, press communications and brand partnerships, Velosolutions services extend beyond the building and construction process. We offer fully integrated marketing and consultancy services that meet your needs.

There is more to it than “just being a mountain biker”

Mountain bikers and the action sports industry as whole forms a part of global culture. Fuelled by passionate like minded individuals, being credible and authentic sits at the heart of success.

From brand partnerships to communication strategies, Velosolutions has the experience and the network to deliver a full 360 degree marketing and consultancy services. The opportunity is bigger than ever before and understanding your target market is the key to success.

From those who seek recreation and relaxation to the action sports enthusiasts, outdoor sport fans and professional athletes. Velosolutions know how to target each and every group in the most credible and efficient way possible, delivering a client focused package that caters for all your needs.

Our Marketing and Consultancy Services include

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Analysis of individual needs
  • strategic planning for your destination/region
  • Integration of existing mountain bike infrastructure in new business models
  • Dedicated design consultancy
  • Pump track, bike park and cycle trail design and construction
  • Marketing communications, brand partnerships and content creation
  • Maintenance and servicing
  • Event management
  • Staff training and management programs