Consulting & Marketing

Mountain Bike Consulting & Marketing with profound knowhow

Velosolutions speaks the language of mountain bikers and knows how to translate it into mountain bike consulting & marketing! Having been active in the mountain bike scene for 17 years, Velosolutions has a vast network within the bike scene and is connected to the main media players, which allows implementing tailor-made communication strategies for each project.

There is more to it than “just being a mountain biker”

Mountain bike athletes have differentiated themselves form one another quite bit over the last few years. There is those who seek recreation and relaxation, those who look for sportive challenges and those who look for adventures and fun. The products that Velosolutions offer cater all those needs and we support every client in finding the right, tailor-made concept.

Every Destination has its strengths

Our goal is to develop meaningful concepts together with each customer custom-made for each destination, by making sure to include and combine existing infrastructure (such as lift networks, accommodation possibilities, existing trails,…).

Our Services include

  • First consultation and assessment of potentials
  • Analysis of needs
  • Development of a holistic mountain bike strategy for your destination/region
  • Integration of existing mountain bike infrastructure in new business models
  • Support of permissions process
  • Conception and proper calculation of projects
  • Planning and implementation of bike trails, tracks and parks
  • Implementation of Marketing Mix & Networking
  • Maintenance of already existing sites
  • Planning and realization of Bike Events
  • Training of personnel about maintaining the trail, track, park