Bikewelt Schoeneck, Germany

Bikeworld Schoeneck is located in the hills of Vogtland Germany. In 2009 they started operating as a bikepark, with two black downhill tracks.

Due two the constant growth of their Mountainbiking clients and the ambition to be a succesfull all year running lift company for a wide target group, Bikeworld Schöneck decided to extend their Mountainbike facilities with a trail. Velosolutions started in autumn 2014 to build three new bike trails, a new beginner area and the reshape of the existing tracks. Velosolutions is responsible for the reshape and upgrade of the existing trails and the design and construction of the new trails.


Flow trail

Highlight of the bike park is brand new shaped flow trail. The trail is easy to ride, which offers families and beginners the perfect conditions to get in touch with the sport. Our flow trail has a huge variety of obstacles und is designed almost like a pump track. Riders get the possibilities to roll or jump certain obstacles depending on their skills. This ends in numberous of hidden features for skilled riders. The distinctive yellow top layer garantues a good riding performance and is durable.


Jump line

Another attraction is the new jump line. Mountain bikers soon will have a new roller coaster down to the valley with more than 25 different jumps. On this line the whole variety of different jump can be found, such as Drops, Step Up – Step Downs, and some easy rollable jumps. The easy rollable jumps are design to increase safety for beginners. But still, all jumps have easy chicken lines, to make sure everybody can exclude bigger or more difficult jumps based on their individual riding skills.

Natural trail

Last but not least a natural handmade single trail with roots and rock gardens und sketchy turns will be built. This is the missing link beetween the existing downhill tracks and the newly built flow trail. This trail will be highly appreciated by all mountain riders and enduro enthusiasts and is actually a bike trail which offers mountainbiking in its original form.

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