Bike Parks & Trails

Bike parks & trails: a growing tourism industry

Mountain bike and cycle tourism is arguably one of the largest growing tourism sectors globally. From the mountains to the city, more people than ever are looking to escape on their bikes and explore the world.

Bike parks and dedicated trails provide the opportunity to become a cycling destination and Velosolutions are equipped with the tools and experience to design and build dedicated solutions for your region.

Why you should begin transforming your region into a mountain bike tourism destination today:

  • Just like skiing and snowboarding, cyclists around the world are looking to mountain biking and bike parks as a destination for their next holiday.
  • Mountain resorts can now offer tourism 360 days of the year.

Dedicated bike park solutions – tailormade for your region

We don’t just provide construction and design but are there every step of the way to ensure best in class tourism consultancy to ensure your investment delivers season after season. From world class downhill tracks that have hosted world championship races to kid friendly trails, Velosolutions have delivered it all.

Innovation and bespoke design at the heart of our bike parks

Velosolutions has its roots in mountain biking and we understand the sport like no one else. Founded by Claudio Caluori a former UCI Downhill Mountain Bike racer and current global ambassador to the sport, Velosolutions experience comes from the heart of the sport. We have ridden bike parks and trails around the globe and have hands on experience in what mountain bikers want to ride. Combined with our expert knowledge in design and construction, utilising the latest technologies, Velosolutions have developed world class bike parks around the world.

Velosolutions will consult with you every step of the way to ensure that your bike parks meet your needs and leaves a lasting impression ensuring that customers want to return time and time again for that unforgettable ride.

You want to transform your region into a future mountain bike tourism destination?
Get in touch with Velosolutions. We’re looking forward to finding the right solution for you.

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